Low Sugar Recipes for Breakfast and Snacks

The good news is that there are many low-sugar recipes for breakfast that taste great and are healthy. The bad news is that not every one of them tastes great. Some low sugar recipes for breakfast include pastries, waffles, donuts, bagels, and pancakes. Here is a healthy recipe for a delicious bowl of cereal.

Healthy Low Sugar Recipes For Breakfast Cereal My mother has made this recipe several times over. She uses real sugar, real butter, and real maple syrup. It is a favorite in our house. If you add a little less sugar, it will still have a nice sweet flavor. I prefer the version with half. You can also substitute honey or molasses for the maple syrup if you are on a low sugar diet.

Baked Eggs If you enjoy eating breakfast in the morning, then you might enjoy eating this as your first meal of the day. You can make this healthy by using low fat-free cheese. You will want to use low-fat Mayo for the topping. You do not need any syrup or sweetener. Just mix together some softened cream cheese, some chopped bacon, and some chopped apricots and you are all set to go!

Bagels In Bed Another healthy breakfast idea is to make a healthy breakfast casserole. This is a wonderful way to enjoy eating breakfast while avoiding the sugar kick at dinnertime. You will want to heat some water and mix in some softened cream cheese and chopped vegetables. Add a few drops of your favorite hot sauce and scatter some nutritional yeast flakes onto your baked bagel. It is sure to be a hit at your next cookout.

Pancakes With Low Sugar Garlic Sauce You can enjoy eating a low sugar egg bake with low sugar garlic sauce. These low sugar pancake recipes taste so good, you may want to repeat them over again. Just mix in your favorite low sugar ingredient and follow some basic cooking guidelines. Then, just heat up some water and mix in your favorite low-sugar ingredients. When done, sprinkle some confectioners’ sugar on top and serve warm.

Breakfast Nog Biscuits You can enjoy eating a breakfast nugget on your own or with some low sugar ice cream. These easy to make, fun biscuits are a delicious treat to eat before you get started on your day. They are perfect to take out on a night out. You can bake your own or have one made from scratch. Just mix together some flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and a touch of nutmeg and make your own high energy biscuit!

Quick, and Easy Snacks You can have low sugar snacks in no time. This includes cookies, toast, chips, and many more. Just remember not to overindulge! Keep in mind that your body needs the vitamins and minerals found in natural, unprocessed foods to keep them healthy. If you have high sugar content foods, your health will suffer. These are just a few low sugar recipes that you can choose from.

Your healthier diet will benefit from using low sugar recipes for breakfast and snack time. You can also choose to include low-fat items if you are trying to shed some weight. Low sugar cookies and bars are great for you, especially if you need to lose weight, as long as they stay away from high-sugar items. If you find yourself craving sugar when you’re feeling sluggish, you should consider eliminating it from your diet for a while until you feel better. You’ll find that over time you’ll crave less of this sweet treat.